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(v3.0.0-3.1.0 of Location SDK-Android)


Integrating a Location Provider

This guide provides instructions for integrating Location SDK for routing. It is only applicable for users of the Android Location SDK v 3.0.0-3.1.0.

*If you are using a more recent version of the Android Location SDK, view the Location SDK-Managed Provider Integration Guide.

*If you are using an earlier version of the Location SDK for Android contact Phunware Support ( 


In order to show the user's current location,  you must add a Location Provider, which updates location information.

Phunware's location providers:

Compile Statement
  • Confidence Factor
  • Acceptance Radius
  • Map Key
  • Customer ID
Senion Lab BLE (bluetooth low energy) location provider
CMX - Hyperlocation (MSE)
  • Confidence Factor
  • Venue GUID
  • Minimum Stationary Time
  • Maximum Lingering time
Cisco Hyperlocation (wifi) location provider
GPS location provider

NOTE: Additional providers, Beacon Point and Mist are integrated as as Managed Providers. 

Step 1 -  Add a location provider as a compile dependency

apply plugin: '' 
android {
dependencies {
    compile 'com.phunware.mapping:mapping:3.1.0'
    compile 'com.phunware.location:provider-senion:3.1.0'


Step 2 -  Set the Location Provider and Enable Location Updates

The PhunwareMapManager is told what provider is being used to get location updates.

As seen the code snippet, the Senion Location Provider requires a customer id and map id.  The method getSenionFloorMap() returns a HashMap of Senion floor ids to MaaS floor ids.


NOTE: You must pass a building object to the setLocationManager() method on PhunwareMapManager.

The call to setMyLocationEnabled() allows you to control when the blue dot is rendered.


public void onPhunwareMapReady(PhunwareMap phunwareMap) {
        new Callback<Building>() {
            public void onSuccess(final Building building) {

                        getSenionFloorMap()).createLocationProvider(), building);

                // enable my location (blue dot)


            public void onFailure(Throwable e) {
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