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Version 1.3.2

This is Phunware's iOS SDK for the Core module. Visit for more details and to sign up.


  • iOS 6.0 or greater
  • Xcode 6 or greater


MaaS Core documentation is included in the Documents folder in the repository as both HTML and as a .docset. You can also find the latest documentation here: Core API Reference (iOS)


MaaS Core is a required dependency for all MaaS modules.

It's recommended that you add MaaSCore.framework to the 'Vendor/Phunware' directory, then add it to your Xcode project.

The following frameworks are required:


The following frameworks are optional:


CoreLocation is used for comprehensive analytics. Apple mandates that your app have a good reason for enabling location services. Apple will deny your app if location is not a core feature for your app.

After specifying the frameworks, you will need to add a linker flag to your build target.

Alternatively, you can install MaaSCore using CocoaPods:

// Add this to your Podfile: 
pod PWCore

To do this:

  1. Navigate to your build target. 
  2. Navigate to the Build Settings tab. 
  3. Find the Linking Section > Other Linker Flags.
  4. Add "-ObjC" to Other Linker Flags.

You can now install additional MaaS modules.

Application Setup

At the top of your application delegate implementation (.m) file, add the following:

#import <MaaSCore/MaaSCore.h> 

Inside your application delegate, you will need to initialize MaaS Core in the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
	// These values can be found for your application in the MaaS portal (
    [MaaSCore setApplicationID:@"APPLICATION_ID"
                 encryptionKey:@"ENCRYPT_KEY"]; // Currently unused. You can place any NSString value here.
    // OPTIONAL: If you want to enable logging in MaaS Core, call the following:
    [MaaSCore setLoggingLevel:MaaSLogLevel_Debug forService:[MaaSCore serviceName]];


MaaS Core uses the following third-party components. All components are prefixed so you won't have to worry about namespace collisions.

AFNetworkingA delightful iOS and OS X networking framework.MIT
RNCryptorCCCryptor (AES encryption) wrappers for iOS and Mac.MIT
NSOperationStackA LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) queuing extension for NSOperationQueue.MIT
TMCacheFast parallel object cache for iOS and OS X.Apache 2.0


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