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This documentation is no longer actively supported and may be out of date. Going forward, please visit and bookmark our new site ( for up-to-date documentation.

iOS Location Based Services SDK Developer Documentation

Document Title/LinkSDK TypeDocument DescriptionLast Updated
Mapping SDK 3.0 (iOS)Mapping

Provides a link to all the documentation about the iOS Mapping classes used in the SDK

Mapping SDK 3.0 Integration Guide (iOS)MappingProvides installation instructions, links to documentation, sample app information, usage and attribution for the iOS Mapping SDK10/24/2016

Routing for iOS Mapping

LocationProvides details around calculating and updating routes using the using PWMapKit and PWRoute respectively10/28/2016
Maps-ADA Sample App Developer Overview (iOS)Mapping

Provides a list of the controllers used for creating iOS mapping routing applications for the visually impaired.

ADA-Specific UseLocation

Provides links and tips to creating Android mapping routing applications for the visually impaired.

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