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iOS Content Management SDK Developer Documentation

Document Title/LinkDocument DescriptionLast Updated
iOS SDK Integration Guide - CM

This is Phunware's iOS SDK README for the Content Management module, which includes requirements, getting started, installation, and integration


iOS SDK Content Creation and Updates - CM

Parameters and sample code for the iOS SDK that enables creating and editing content1/14/2015
iOS SDK Fetching Content - CMParameters and sample code for the iOS SDK that enables fetching content1/14/2015
 iOS SDK Deleting Content - CMParameters and sample code for the iOS SDK that enables deleting content1/14/2015
 iOS SDK Querying Content - CMThe PWCME SDK provides convenient methods that allow you to very easily search and filter for CME content. The primary classes for querying are PWCMEQuery and PWCMEQueryOperation. You can also leverage the convenience method on PWCMEContainer to perform queries. This document includes: Constructing a Query, Executing a Query, and Paginating Query Responses.1/14/2015
 iOS SDK Building Query Predicates - CM

An NSPredicate object defines the logical conditions for determining whether a record is a match for a query. The PWCMEQuery class supports a subset of the predicate behaviors offered by the full NSPredicate class. This document includes: Predicate Rules for Query Objects, Supported Predicate Operators, and Sample Predicate Format Strings.

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