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This documentation is no longer actively supported and may be out of date. Going forward, please visit and bookmark our new site ( for up-to-date documentation.

Location Based Services Configuration/Integration Guides

Document Title/LinkDocument DescriptionLast Updated
LBS (Mapping) Configuration Guide 1.0

This guide details how to use Phunware’s MaaS portal Mapping module to configure the two types of Location-based services you can enable: Mapping and Blue dot Turn-by-turn navigation.

Map Creation Style Guide and Best Practices for MaaS Portal

This guide will explain how to create floor maps using a vector design tool like Adobe Illustrator and the graphic design conventions that will provide the best maps for wayfinding results in your Phunware-enabled mobile applications.

This guide provides best practices, instructions, and conventions for generating the SVG and PDF formatted maps as required for map configuration in MaaS portal.
Dynamic Wayfinding Device Integration GuidesBecause Phunware provides hardware agnostic dynamic wayfinding experiences our customers have a variety of options as to the type of signal provider and the brand of hardware they choose to integrate. The following documents provide checklists and instructions for the integration of the types and brands of signal providers Phunware has worked with.1/23/2018
Beacon Validator App Users GuideThe guide will help with configuring the Beacon Validator Android app that is used validate and record the technical parameters of BLE beacons that will be fingerprinted for dynamic wayfinding application. The Beacon Validator App has been deprecated. Please do not use this app moving forward as it will not propagate beacon information to the new system. 
Phunware Locate App v2.1 Users Guide

The guide provides instructions, best practices, pre-requisites for using the Phunware Locate iOS App for fingerprinting a target venue.

Locate App enables BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) driven blue dot by registering the signals from a venue’s beacons. This allows an app to determine its current position based on the strength of the various signals it hears, combined with the known locations (coordinates) of those signal sources.

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