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Document Title/LinkDocument DescriptionLast Updated
Training-Marketing Automation 1-Message CenterVideo introduction to how MaaS configuration relates to the app experience1/26/2017
Training-Marketing Automation 2-App Configuration for Broadcast Campaigns (2)Video training on setting up push notifications for apps to enable broadcast campaigns1/27/2017
Training-Marketing Automation 3-Configuring Attributes and Profiles (4)Video training on configuring attributes and profiles in MaaS Portal for broadcast and geofence campaigns1/26/2017
Training-Marketing Automation 4-Configuring Locations or Geofences (4)Video training on configuring locations or geofences for all types of campaigns in MaaS Portal2/3/2017
Training-Marketing Automation 5-Configuring Beacons (2)Video training on configuring beacons for beacon campaigns in MaaS Portal1/26/2016
Training-Marketing Automation 6-Configuring Campaigns (4)Video training on configuring broadcast, geofence and beacon campaigns in MaaS Portal1/27/2016
Training-Marketing Automation 7-Adding Promotions and Metadata to Campaigns (3)Video training on how to configure promotions and metadata for campaigns in MaaS Portal1/26/2016
Training-Marketing Automation 8-Campaign Analytics (4)Video training on the campaign analytics available in the Marketing Automation section of MaaS Portal1/26/2016