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Some of our customers have had questions about upgrading to our latest SDKs, which support HTTPS. Please see the Q&A below:

Do I have to update to the latest platform SDKs if I want my app to support iOS 9?

You do not need to update to the latest SDKs to support iOS 9. Our current SDKs will continue to function. However, if you want to compile against iOS 9 (using Xcode 7) you will need to ensure that your applications' Info.plist file has the appropriate App Transport Security settings so that the Phunware SDKs can continue communicating with platform HTTP endpoints. Your ATS should look something like this:


If you are leveraging the latest platform SDKs your ATS settings should look something like this:

If I update to the latest PWCore does that mean I have to update all platform SDKs?

Yes. PWCore v2.0.0 is backwards incompatible update and will require you to update all platform SDKs to the latest version.

What are the primary changes with the new SDKs?

We have removed all branding from our platform SDKs and renamed the SDK package names:


No method interfaces have been changed, only package names. Where you would have previously called [MaaSCore applicationID] you will now call [PWCore applicationID]. A simple find and replace should resolve these issues.

What other changes do I need to be aware of?

We have completely revamped our networking interface in PWCore - which is what all SDKs depend on for networking operations. We have taken special care to preserve the majority of private methods that Phunware developers have been using to access internal SDK functionality. That being said you will still want to test your apps to ensure nothing breaks.

What about Android?

We will be release Android SDK updates over the next week or two that will be inclusive of HTTPS support. More information to follow.