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This document describes the specification for the MaaS Analytics API ("API"). This API allows remote clients to input and report on various pieces of data in the Analytics system.


All calls made must adhere to the guidelines presented in the MaaS REST API Security Protocol document.




Aggregate EventAn aggregate event object contains a collection of event objects. The maximum size of the collection is 100 event objects.
ReportA report object contains data that results from processing events. 
EventAn event object contains data to be captured for further processing (either near real-time or scheduled).

Access Key

A unique key that identifies the client making the request. This key is used to get the additional keys used for request signing and encryption.

Signature Key

A unique key that is used to sign requests. The signature is used to both check request authorization as well as data integrity.

Encrypt Key

The key used to encrypt and decrypt data that is exchanged between the client and the server.


Multiscreen as a Service.


A cryptography library used to handle the encryption and decryption of the data.

See for more details.


Stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is used for the request and response formats due to its portability and simplicity.

RFC 3339

A date format that "provide[s] an unambiguous and well-defined method of representing dates and times."

See for more details.


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